Coconut Chocolate Mousse

When I saw this recipe I couldn’t believe it is possible to prepare the chocolate mousse from only two ingredients! You need only coconut milk and dark chocolate. At first everything is liquid but a night in the fridge turns it stiff! So cool :P

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For 3-4 portions you will need:
  400ml coconut milk (cooled down in the fridge at least 4h!)
♥  90g dark chocolate (I used 70% cocoa but you can use a lighter one)
♥  1 tablespoon homemade vanilla sugar (optional)

1. It is important that the milk is well cooled down. The best is to leave it in the fridge overnight or at least for 4h. Pour it into a big bowl, add sugar and beat it for around 5 minutes until it gets a little bit stiffer and with little bubbles (it will be still liquid though!). Put it back to the fridge.

MF3_3854 MF3_3855


MF3_3856 MF3_3858

2. Melt the chocolate. If you use a microwave it will need few minutes. Stir it time to time and check often to be sure it is not burning! You can also melt it in a water bath. Stir it constantly.

MF3_3859 MF3_3860

3. While stirring all the time slowly add the coconut milk to the melted chocolate.


MF3_3862 MF3_3863

4. Now you should pour the liquid coconut chocolate mix into little bowls and leave it in the fridge overnight. If you prepare it in the morning it will be ready for the evening.

5. In order to decorate your glasses you could use a grated coconut. You will first need to mix one tablespoon of icing sugar with one tablespoon of water- it will be our glue. In another little dish put some coconut flakes. First dip the edges of the glass in the sugar & water mix, then in the coconut flakes.

MF3_3867 MF3_3869 MF3_3870 MF3_3872 MF3_3874

It is also delicious sprinkled with coconut flakes. Enjoy! :)



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3 Responses to Coconut Chocolate Mousse

  1. Ice Pandora says:

    I love that its egg and gelatine free c: Thank you very much for
    this recipe! Xx

  2. Aleksandra says:

    Wszystkim się uszy trzęsły taki dobry!Tres adictif ,je garde la recette pour la vie!

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