I have many passions. During the day I am a scientist but besides Science I also love cooking, travelling & taking pictures. This blog allows me to combine my extracurricular interests.

I like to call myself a European. I was born and raised in Poland. Most of my adult life I was living in France where I did my studies. Recently, I started a new chapter in my life and after 10 years in Paris, I moved to Switzerland. I’m also strongly influenced by the German culture since the family of my boyfriend lives there. I love Italy! Who knows, one day, I might make Tuscany my home (the picture below was taken there).

One of my favorite things about traveling is discovering other places through their culinary culture. I’m always eager to try new dishes searching for new tastes, textures & inspirations. No surprise my travel souvenirs are very often related to food.


I created Travel4Taste.com to put in order all my favorite dishes that I’ve got to know over the past years. On this blog you will find a lot of simple & delicious recipes from around the World.


Please, don’t hesitate to help me creating this website by sharing your ideas. You can do it either in the comment below or by sending me an e-mail to:  info@travel4taste.com


8 thoughts on “Welcome”

  • Hallo

    Ich bin die Mutter von Christoph und habe heute von Marie-Theres und Gregor von der Web-Seite erfahren.
    Super! Einfach Spitze gemacht! Da kann ich auch noch was lernen!
    Leider bin ich der Englischen Sprache nicht so mächtig – so ein bebildertes und bis in Detail erkärtes Rezept würde ich aber dennoch auch hinbekommen.
    Toll, dass man auch ein Rezept von “Oma B.” erklärt bekommt.
    Viele liebe Grüße aus Schöppingen
    besonders auch an Frederik
    von Christa und Werner

  • We love your page. If you have chance to visit Taiwan, we will let you taste the real “Berry Mascarpone Pancake” you like in our facebook page : ) It is delicious!!

    • Thank you for passing by my PhotoBlog! I will definitely let you know when I will be planning my visit in Taiwan (and I will!). You should let me know when are you in Paris! Cheers 🙂

  • What a delight to find you beautiful site. I found it searching for a marinated feta recipe and have found that and so many other recipes to try, your food photos are lovely.

  • Bonjour ! Je suis “tombée” sur ton site par hasard et il est vraiment magnifique. Les recettes sont simples mais originales, les photos sont superbes et naviguer sur tes pages me fait du bien !
    Mais quel dommage que les recettes ne soient pas traduites en français. ça te ferait un petit travail en plus, mais ça permettrait à tous les francophones de profiter de ton enthousiasme. Merci et bonnes chances dans tous tes voyages !

    • Merci Crissie de ton message 🙂 J’ai décidé d’utiliser anglais comme une “première langue” du site car je me suis dit que c’est le plus “simple” et universelle. Mais j’envisage d’introduire des autres langues. Je vais l’annoncer sur Instagram et Facebook. Bisous de Genève 🙂

  • Thanks fir suchi a lively and wonderful blog.
    It’s a awesomely curated Book of wonders 🙂

    Would love to have more vegetarian/vegan options (and alternatives).

    Love from India 🙂

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