Cabbage rolls with beef and tomato sauce (pl. Gołąbki, fr. Chou farci)

Cabbage rolls with beef and tomato sauce (pl. Gołąbki, fr. Chou farci)

And here is another tasty souvenir from my childhood in Poland!
In Polish, Gołąbki means “pigeons”. These are cooked Cabbage rolls filled with beef and rice. They go the best with a tomato sauce. Even though it might seems difficult to do it for the first time it is actually quite simple and quick dish!Golabki
Here I used green cabbage which not only tastes good but also looks really pretty!

My sauce is made of canned tomatoes and cooked with fresh leaf of celery which make it very aromatic.


To do 3 generous portions (I did 9 rolls):
♥  350g minced beef
♥  1 green cabbage (you will need 10 nice leaves)
♥  tomatoes in can (1kg)
♥  3 spoons of rice (not cooked)
♥  3 spoons of wheat grains (not cooked)
♥  1 egg
♥  2 onions
♥  1 clove of garlic
♥  1 branch of the head of celery
♥  2 spoons of cream (30% fat)
♥  salt, paper
♥  olive oil


1. Take 10 nice leaves of green cabbage.


2. Cut off the hardest part from the cabbage leaf. Put leaves to boiling water (with a little bit of salt) for 5min. After this time, they will be much softer and elastic.


3. While cooking cabbage, you can start preparing sauce. First you need to take can tomatoes and blend them (so there is not big pieces of tomatoes). Put them to boil on a pan.


4. Cut celery into big pieces and put it onto a pan with blended tomatoes.
It will need to cook for at least 25min.



5. Cut onions and garlic. It is easier with a blender.


6. One spoon of cut onions put into a large ball. Mix it together with meat meat, egg, rice and wheat. You can do it with your hand!


7. Fry the rest of onions on a pan with a little bit of olive oil.


8. Form cabbage rolls. In the middle of a cabbage leaf put a big spoon of the meat stuffing and close it inside.



9. Add fried onions and garlic to the sauce.


10. Cook cabbage rolls. in the bottom of the casserole put a big leaf of cabbage (it will prevent the rolls from burning). When the water starts to boil  (it should’t boil too much) put rolls inside. Cook 20min.


11. When the tomato sauce is ready add 2 spoons of cream and stir it well.


12. The cabbage rolls can be served only with sauce or additionally with potato puree.




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