Scrambled eggs with Avocado

It is probably not the most obvious way to use the avocado. First time I did it because I didn’t have anything else in the fridge but eggs and avocado. It turned out to be delicious! Since then it’s one of my favorite breakfasts :)

If you have an oven and a little bit more time you can also try: Avocado baked with Eggs and Bacon.

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For 2-3 people:
- 1 avocado
-  a little bit of sliced bacon or 1 spoon of butter
- 5 eggs
- salt and pepper to taste :)

1. Put bacon or/and butter on a hot pan.

MF1_2182     MF1_2191

2. Add avocado and fry it a bit. (1-2min is enough!)



3. Add eggs and stir it until white eggs are done. Enjoy!


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