Classic Toast (with cheese, ham, tomato and onions)

Everybody loves toasts. They are crunchy, warm and you can put inside whatever you want. And also almost everybody has a toaster. But somehow it is really easy to forget about it. Here is a little reminder! :) It’s time to put dust away from your toasters and do some good sanwhiches. :D

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You will need:
 toast bread
 cheese (eg. Gouda)
 pepper and salt

You can also prepare a toast with raclette cheese and some dried italian ham.

1. Put everything you want on the toast bread.


2. Close the sandwich and put in your toaster. It is ready when the cheese is melted and the bread brownish. :)

MF1_3319 MF1_3325

3. We had it with a salad. :) So simple and tasty! Enjoy :)



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2 Responses to Classic Toast (with cheese, ham, tomato and onions)

  1. melissa d says:

    I love a good tosti – that’s what they call them in the Netherlands (grilled cheese – with stuff in it) a popular variety is cheese, pineapple and ham – but using Dutch Gouda of course.

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