Homemade Bagels with poppy seeds

Homemade Bagels with poppy seeds

Today, these little breads are very popular in the UK, USA and Canada. Not everyone knows that they actually originated in Krakow, Poland though. 😀

To make them by yourself you don’t need much. They are also simple to do! However, as most of the yeast-based breads, they require some time “to grow”. A good thing is that once you bake them you can freeze them and have one every morning. 🙂

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For 8 bagels you will need:
♥  300g flour
♥  150ml water
♥  4g dry yeast
♥  1/2 teaspoon salt
♥  1 spoon sugar
♥  1 spoon vegetable oil (eg. sunflower oil)
♥  Poppy seeds (1-2 spoons)
Plus additional water and sugar for boiling (2 spoons sugar for 500 ml water)

1. Mix flour with yeast, sugar and salt. Add water and oil. Then knead the dough. It will give a very tough dough, so prepare yourself for a real workout. You can use a food processor  with a hook, but you will need a powerful one though. It will take at least 15 min to get a smooth dough.



2. Form a ball, cover it with a towel and leave in a warm place for at least 2h. After this the dough should have doubled in volume.


3. Knead it a bit again and divide it into 8 equal parts.


4. Roll each part into a rope and then form a circle. Seal the ends with your fingers.



5. Cover your bagels with a towel and leave for about 20min so they puff up a bit more.

6. In a big sauce-pot put water to boil. For each 500mL of water add 2 spoons of sugar. And also preheat the oven to 220’C.

7. Just before baking put the bagels into boiling water for 1min (boil 30sec on each side).


8. Beat one egg and smear it over the bagel. Sprinkle with poppy seeds.



9. Bake at 220’C for 10-15min. The bagels should get golden brown.


10. You can have them fresh or toasted! With jam or with cream cheese. I love the version with cream cheese, smoked salmon and fresh onion! 😀





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