Cheesy Zucchini Pan

Cheesy Zucchini Pan

It is one of my favorite dishes made by my boyfriend! Sliced zucchini cooked in a frying pan with mushrooms and cheese. Simple and quick to prepare! Served with a cup of rice it is perfect as a comforting dinner after long day at work.


For 3-4 portions you will need:
♥ 4 Zucchini
♥ 250g champignons
♥ 4 medium onions
♥ 4 tomatoes
♥ 100-150g grated Gouda cheese
♥ olive oil
♥ salt and pepper to taste ( I like it with lot of pepper!)

1. Slice onions and fry them with some oil until softer. It will take a bit more than 5min.Add sliced mashrooms.



MF2_0090    MF2_0104

2. When mushrooms and onions are fried add sliced Zucchini. When the Zucchini is older I remove every second slice of skin (but if they are fresh and good you don’t have to do it!). Cover it and cook for around 10min (until Zucchini is soft). During this time, stir it time to time.



MF2_0114    MF2_0137

3. When Zucchini get softer add tomatoes (I cut each in 4). Stir everything and cook without cover for another 5-10 min to reduce it a little bit (evaporate the excess of water)


4. Add cheese, salt and pepper and mix it well with other ingredients. In 5min it is ready to eat! 🙂



5. Perfect with rice or slice of good bread! Enjoy ♥


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