Lemon Curd Cupcakes

Lemon Curd Cupcakes

Buttery cups filled with lemon curd and decorated with sliced mandarin. They will look beautiful on your Easter table.


For around 12 cupcakes:
♥  150g flour (1 glass)
♥  75g butter
♥  2 egg yellows
♥  grated lemon skin from half a lemon
♥  3-4 spoons of sugar
♥  1 spoon of cream (eg. 30% of fat)
Lemon Curd:
♥  Juice from 1 lemon
♥  zest from 1 lemon
♥  60g butter
♥  2 eggs
♥  2 teaspoons of corn starch
♥  50-60g sugar
♥  pinch of salt
♥  2-3 mandarins

1. Follow these instructions to prepare the shortcrust battery cups (click here).

2. While the shortcrust cups are cooling down, prepare the lemon curd. Beat egg whites until stiff with a pinch of salt and put them aside. Put egg yellows, sugar, lemon juice and butter in a little sauce pan. Put it on a water bath until butter is melted.

3. In a little bowl mix corn starch with 2 spoons of cold water. Add it to the sauce pan when the butter is melted. Stir well.

4. Add the egg whites and mix it well (but gently). Remove from the water bath and let it cool down.

5. When cooled down, fill the cupcakes with the lemon crud and decorate with slices of mandarin.


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