Omelette with asparagus

Right now, this is my favorite variation of omelettes. Hyper simple and quick to prepare. Perfect for a good start of a working day! :)

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For one omelette (around 18cm in diameter):
♥  2 eggs
♥  2 spoons of milk
♥  4 asparagus (I use the one from a jar. If you want to use the fresh one you need to cook them first)
♥  pinch of salt and pepper
♥  Parmesan
♥  drop of olive oil

 1. Beat the eggs with milk, salt and pepper.


2. Put the asparagus on a hot frying pan with some olive oil. Let it fry a little bit for 30sec. Add the eggs and fry on both sides.

MF2_1579 MF2_1584


3. You can serve it sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. :) Enjoy!


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