Corn Flakes Chocolate & Nuts Cookies

Corn Flakes Chocolate & Nuts Cookies

Those are the simplest cookies I know! No need for mixing flour and eggs nor for baking!

You just dip crushed nuts and corn flakes in a melted chocolate and you leave it to cool down. you can do all kinds of shapes and sizes. The result is deliciously crunchy and sweet!

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For around 6 cookies (8cm in diameter):
♥  50g milk chocolate (eg. milka)
♥  40g dark chocolate (70%)
♥  glass (250mL) of corn flakes
♥  1 full spoon walnuts
♥  1 full spoon pecans
♥  some white chocolate for decoration (optional)

1. Melt dark and milk chocolate in a sauce pan (you can also do it in a bowl in microwave!).



2. Crash nuts into small pieces (I use a blender here 😉 )


3. Add nuts to the melted chocolate and stir it together. Add corn flakes and mix it well! you want all cornflakes to be covered in chocolate. 🙂



4. With a spoon form cookies on a baking paper. It will seem that they will fall apart but don’t worry- as soon as they cool down they will be perfectly intact! You can also decorate them now with melted white chocolate.




5. During winter I leave my cookies outside the window, during warmer days fridge is better! It might take around 30min. Enjoy!



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