15 minutes Breakfast Recipe: Toast with Spinach and Egg

15 minutes Breakfast Recipe: Toast with Spinach and Egg

I always keep some spinach in my freezer. It is a quick and healthy solution for a side dish. Another delicious Spinach recipe is toasted with a poached egg. It takes only 15min to prepare and it is just amazing sprinkled with olive oil, freshly ground pepper and some parmesan cheese.
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For 2 toasts you will need:
♥  2 pieces of bread
♥  4 tablespoons of spinach (I use frozen one)
♥  2 eggs
♥  parmesan cheese
♥  freshly ground pepper
♥  pinch of salt
♥  olive oil

1. Cover the bread with the spinach. If you use the frozen spinach you should put it in a cup to the microwave for 3min (max power) to defrost it.
2. Sprinkle with some olive oil and roast in the oven at 200’C for 10min.
3. While bread is in the oven do the eggs. You will need to put around 3cm of water into a frying pan and heat it up. Put the eggs into almost boiling water and wait around 3min until all egg white turned white.
4. Put the eggs on the toasts and sprinkle everything with some salt, pepper and parmesan cheese.



4 thoughts on “15 minutes Breakfast Recipe: Toast with Spinach and Egg”

    • Hi April, I would rather skip the step with the oven then. Unless your microwave has a grill option! I put it in the oven to roast the bread a little bit (make it a bit crispy!) and warm up the spinach. So:
      1. If you do have a microwave with a grill: Yep, you can put it in it for around 5min (the time the spinach will warm up and the bread will get a bit crispy)
      2. If your microwave don’t have a grill: Do not put the bread in it. But you can use it to warm up the spinach. Than just put the warm spinach on your bread and it will be also super delicious!

  • Hi
    Tried your recipe this morning. The oven worked very well with the spinach, olive oil and bread. Thanks so much. I am pinning this. I hope that is okay. Please tell me if it is not by emailing me and I will take it off.

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