Banana Pudding with Cocoa

This delicious banana & chocolate pudding has no sugar added. It is a healthy and nutritious treat. Perfect for an Autumn or Winter evening!

Read here about the Health Benefits of Bananas.

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For 2 portions:
 250mL of milk
 1 spoons of potato starch
 1 banana
 1 tablespoon cocoa powder
 chocolate for decoration

1. In a saucepan bland together the banana with cocoa powder.

MF3_5302 MF3_5303


2. In a bowl mix the milk with potato starch and add it to the banana puree.


3. Mix everything well and bring it to the boil on a medium heat while stirring all the time.

MF3_5308 MF3_5313

4. Decorate with some grated chocolate & Enjoy!


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