Eggplant baked with Gorgonzola Cheese

Eggplant baked with Gorgonzola Cheese

Here is a savory way to serve an Eggplant. Made in the oven, an Eggplant gets amazingly creamy. Addition of the Gorgonzola cheese & walnuts makes this dish just perfect!


For 2-3 servings you will need:
♥  2 eggplants
♥  2 eggs
♥  2 tablespoons cream (e.g. 12% fat)
♥  150g gorgonzola cheese
♥  2 handfuls walnuts
As gorgonzola cheese is already quite solty I don’t add any additional salt.

1. Slice eggplant longwise. Each slice should be more or less 1cm thick. In a large pot bring water to the boil. When water is boiling deep in it the eggplant slices for one minute (this will make them more elastic and easy to roll).
2. Roll each slice and put it the to oven proof dish (see picture below). My dish is 19cm in diameter and it is 4cm deep (you can use a bit bigger dish too!).
3. In a bowl mix eggs with cream. When done, add the gorgonzola cheese.
4. Pour this egg & gorgonzola mixture on the eggplant rolls.
5. Bake at 160’C for about 30 to 40min. Eggplant should be totally soft and the top golden brown. Serve sprinkled with walnuts. Enjoy! ♥


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