Rocket salad with blue cheese, pears and sesame seeds

Even though it is rather a French dish I got this recipe from Poland from my mum!
While the combination of blue cheese with pears is an obvious one, the special part of this dish is the addition of roasted sesame seeds.
All that goes really well with sweet and sour (balsamic vinegar and honey) dressing!

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For 2 big portions:
♥  120g rocket salad
♥  2 pears, peeled
♥  1 nectarine
♥  2 tablespoons sesame seeds (white or black)
♥  70ml balsamic vinegar
♥  2-3 spoons of honey

1. Put portion of roquette salad on each plate. Put on it sliced & peeled pears, nectarine and sliced blue cheese. On a hot pan roast sesame seeds (without oil).

2. Combine the balsamic vinegar & honey.

3. Pour the dressing and sesame seeds over the salad. It’s ready! 

MF5_6540 MF5_6548 MF5_6545

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