Sushi Rolls

Sushi Rolls

It is an awesome idea for weekend “cooking” together with your friends. Preparing your own sushi at home is lots of fun! All participants can create their own rolls. ūüôā
All you really need is a bamboo rolling mat, Nori seaweed and rice for sushi. And then you can use your imagination.
The classical sushi rolls are made of salmon, avocado, ¬†(etc.) but you can get crazy and put there some cheese, ¬†mango or even nutella! ūüėõ

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Here we used:
♥  Salmon
♥  Big shrimps (gambas)
♥  Avocado
♥  Cucumber
♥  Mango
♥  Philadelphia Cream Cheese
♥  black and white sesame seeds

1. First cook and cool down the rice.

2. Prepare all ingredients you want to put in your sushi rolls.

♥  Slice the salmon


♥  Cut your avocado


♥  Cut the mango

♥  Peel the shrimps.


♥  Cut the cucumber

3. Now place a Nori seaweed on the bamboo rolling mat. Cover it with thin layer of rice.


4. Close to lower edge of  nori sheet place all ingredients you want. Here we got crazy and we put salmon, avocado, cucumber, shrimps, mango and some black and white sesame seeds!


5. Now let’s roll! Here the¬†bamboo rolling mat is¬†irreplaceable! Roll it tight so it stays together. Hope pictures will be helpfull here!




Put some water on the edge that stick out and roll again for the last time.

6. Time to slice your sushi! Use a sharp knife. When it get’s too sticky wash it.


7. Sushi rolls are always served with gari (thinly sliced young marinated ginger), wasabi and individual bowls of soy sauce for deeping.


If by any chance you did too much sushi rolls and you have some left over for the next day here is a nice ide how to use it: Tempura Sushi Rolls

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