Basic Miso Soup

Basic Miso Soup

This traditional Japanese soup is perfect to serve with sushi. It is made with thick soy paste (miso paste) and dashi (made with dried and fermented bonito fish flakes and seaweed called kombu).

As soon as you are able to get instant dashi (hon dashi) and miso paste it is really simple to prepare! I get these ingredients at Parisian Chinatown.

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For 1 Liter of Miso soup:
♥  1 dose of instant dashi (hon dashi)
♥  2 spoons of miso paste
♥  1 mushroom
♥  few thin slices of leek
♥  1 spoon of soy sauce (optional, add to taste)

1. Boil 1L of water with one dose of instant dashi powder.


2. When it starts boiling, add sieved miso paste and cook for another 5min.



3. It’s ready! Pour it into bowls and decorate with sliced mushroom and leek.


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