Crunchy breading for Steamed Vegetables

Crunchy breading for Steamed Vegetables

This is something that will make your simple steamed vegetables super crunchy and tasty. It takes only few minutes to prepare.

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For a big portion:
– 6 spoons bread crumbs
– 4 spoons of olive oil
– 1-2 spoons of butter

1. Usually I just use the dry baguette to do my homemade bread crumbs (I use a grater).

2. On a hot frying pan roast the bread crumbs a little bit. They should get slightly darker. But watch up, it burns quickly!

MF2_3965    MF2_3969

3. Add olive oil and mix it well with bread crumbs.

MF2_3971    MF2_3972

4. Add butter and heat until butter is melted.

MF2_3976    MF2_3977

5. Now add your steamed vegetables and mix with the crunchy breading.



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