Carrot, Orange & Ginger Soup

Carrot, Orange & Ginger Soup

This soup is really simple and quick to prepare. It is a nice composition of sweet carrots, acidulous oranges and spicy ginger. I love to have it with crispy garlic toasts.

Perfect idea for a healthy supper. 🙂

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For 3 portions:
– 1kg carrots
– 2 oranges
– 100ml natural yogurt (no sugar)
– few slices of fresh ginger
– 2 tablespoons soy sauce
– 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground pepper

1. Cook carrots. I use a steamer, but you can also cook them in the water.

2. Squeeze the orange juice and slice the ginger.

MF2_7453    MF2_7460

3. Put the orange juice and ginger on a hot pan and stir for 5-10min to reduce it (evaporate the excess of water). You will need around 200ml of juice.

MF2_7456    MF2_7465

4. Blend the carrots until smooth. Add orange juice, soy sauce and pepper.

MF2_7466    MF2_7472

Et voila!


5. Now we will need to prepare toasts. It takes only 3min. Just melt butter on a hot pan, add garlic. Stir it all for 1min and add bread slices. They are ready when golden brown.



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