Homemade Peanut Butter

It takes only 15min to make it at home. It is healthier, cheaper and, as everything made at home, it tastes much better.

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You will need:
♥  250ml of peanuts (roasted or not- as you prefer)
♥  1/2 tablespoon salt (more or less- to taste)

1. Blend the peanuts. At first they will turn into little pieces that do not stick together.

MF2_8746 MF2_8748

2. Add salt and keep blending. After some time you will notice that the peanut oil got out and the peanuts turn into paste.

MF2_8749 MF2_8751

3. The peanut butter should be smooth. It smells devine, doesn’t it? :D Transfer to a pot and it’s ready. :)

MF2_8756 MF2_8757



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