Vegetable wraps with mint, walnuts & feta cheese

Light, healthy and full of taste. Salad, carrot & beetroot are full of vitamins. And the walnuts give oils necessary for their efficient absorption by your body!
Great as a light supper snack or for a picnic!
Those Veggie Wraps are not only delicious and healthy but also beautiful ♥

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For around 10 little wraps you will need:
♥  3 medium carrots
♥  1/3 of beetroot
♥  2 handful of walnuts
♥  10 mint leaves
♥  100g feta cheese
♥  100ml natural yogurt
♥  1 salad with big leaves

1. Grate carrots and beetroot.

MF3_1880 MF3_1885

2. In a bowl combine feta cheese with yogurt (it is ease if you use a fork!).

MF3_1886 MF3_1887

3. Add mint leaves and grated carrots to the feta & yogurt mix.

MF3_1888 MF3_1889

4. Choose nice, big leaves to prepare your wraps.


5. Put one spoon of the cheese & carrot paste on each leaf. Sprinkle it with some crashed walnuts.


6. Put some grated beetroot on the top.


7. Let’s roll!

MF3_1905 MF3_1907


You can cut them in half :) Enoje the taste and the colors! ;)



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