Oatmeal Cookies with Dried Apricots

Homemade Oatmeal cookies are perfect as an addition to a breakfast or as an evening snack! These are definitely much healthier that the cookies bought in the supermarket! No soda nor artificial colorant!
Here I prepared them with dried apricots and some orange zest. They are crunchy and delicious!

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For around 20 medium big cookies you will need:
  100g white flour (200ml)
  80g wholemeal flour (100ml)
♥  2eggs
  200g butter (at room temperature)
  5 tablespoons brown sugar
  2 tablespoons homemade vanilla sugar
  400ml oatmeal
  10 dried apricots
  zest from half an orange

1. Using a big spoon combine soft butter with brown and vanilla sugar.



2. Add eggs one by one and combine them with the butter.

MF3_4061 MF3_4062

3. Add flours, oatmeal, orange zest and diced apricots. Combine everything well.

MF3_4065 MF3_4068 MF3_4070


4. Form little balls from the dough and put them on baking paper. Flatten them using a fork. (The dough is a bit sticky- it is ok!).

MF3_4076 MF3_4079 MF3_4080

5. Bake at 180′C for about 15-25min (depending on size of your cookies) until golden brown.


Enjoy! :)


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