Crispy cookies with Apples and Cinnamon

The amazingly crispy cookies with a soft apple inside. They taste the best still warm.
It is a perfect treat for a long autumn or winter evening. Your home will smell like apples & cinnamon. :)
To do these cookies I use my homemade puff pastry (recipe here) but you can also buy it in a supermarket. It takes no work to prepare them.

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You will need:
 puff pastry
 brown sugar
 icing sugar
(adapt the quantity of ingredients to the number of cookies you want)

Remember: puff pastry should be kept in the fridge until the last moment (so the butter inside does not melt)

1. Roll out the puff pastry into a thin layer. Cut it into 6-8cm squares. Put a piece or two of apple in the middle. Sprinkle with sugar & cinnamon.


2.  Close them and bake at 220′C for about 20min. They should turn golden brown.

MF3_5177 MF3_5184


3. Directly after baking sprinkle the cookies with a mix of icing sugar & cinnamon (1 teaspoon of cinnamon for 3 teaspoons of icing sugar).

MF3_5188 MF3_5191

Enjoy! ♥


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One Response to Crispy cookies with Apples and Cinnamon

  1. Dina says:

    they’re cute and look yummy too!

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