Thai Chicken & Coconut Soup

While travelling around Thailand (here is the post from our trip) we spent one day in a cooking class! It was loads of delicious fun! And we learned a lot! :)

Within 12 different recipes we have tried with F. I was the most impressed with the super simple, spicy coconut soup. :)

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For 3 small portions:
♥  75g chicken (for vegetarians: oyster mushroom)
♥  10 straw mushrooms (or 30g oyster mushrooms)
♥  450ml coconut milk
♥  3 dried chilli papers
♥  1 onion
♥  2 tomatoes
♥ 6 kaffir lime leaves
♥  2 lemongrass
 4 slices galangal (can be dried) (= thai ginger)
  1 lime
♥  3 tablespoons fish sauce (for vegetarians: soy sauce)
♥  1.5 tablespoon soy sauce
♥  1 tablespoon sugar
♥  1 finely sliced spring onion

1. Pour the coconut milk in the pot and warm it up over a low heat.


2. Add diagonally sliced lemon grass, galangal and kaffir leaves in the pot. Simmer for about 3min.

MF4_5663 MF4_5673


3. Add chicken and wait until it is cooked. You will known it is cooked when it will be easy to cut it in half with a spoon.

4. Cut in 4 the onion and the tomatoes and add them to the pot. Add also mushrooms. Simmer until the tomato skin start to go off (around 5min).

MF4_5683 MF4_5694 MF4_5696 MF4_5698


5. Add fish and soy sauce, spring onion, chili, sugar and lime juice. Simmer for 3min.

MF4_5685 MF4_5761 MF4_5690

6. Serve decorated with coriander leaves.

MF4_5766 MF4_5775

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