Buckwheat Crepes with Spinach & Feta cheese.

Buckwheat Crepes with Spinach & Feta cheese.

Buckwheat flour is very healthy (& gluten free). Together with spinach and the salty & creamy feta cheese it makes a delicious dish. Quick and easy to prepare!


For around 4 (big) crepes:
  80g flour (1/2 glass)
  250ml milk (1 glass)
  1 egg
♥  pinch salt
  oil for frying (rapeseed oil, grape seed oil…)
For the filling:
  8 tablespoons frozen spinach
  80-100g feta cheese

1. Combine all ingredients to obtain a smooth crepes batter*. Heat some oil on a flat pan. When hot pour a portion of batter to form a thin crepe. Fry it on both sides until brownish.
* in order to avoid lumps in the dough: first mix egg and flour to obtain a paste, and only then, slowly, while stirring all the time, add milk.
2. While frying the crepes you can put your frozen spinach to a microwave proof dish and heat it up until soft. It might take around 5min. No need to add water. Just check it time to time to make sure it is not overdone and dried out.
3. Put a portion of spinach & feta cheese on each crepe and fold it in half and then again in half.
4. Put the crepes back on the hot pan and warm them up for 1min on each side. Enjoy 


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