Yeast Cake with Rhubarb & Cinnamon Crumbles

We love yeast cakes in Poland. It is definitely a taste and smell of my childhood. At my grandma’s I had it with butter and glass of milk. A perfect supper!
Here a version with Rhubarb and cinnamon crumbles.

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You will need:
For a rectangular form (of around 25x10cm):
♥  350g flour
♥  8g dried yeast (or 16g of fresh one)
♥  100ml warm milk (but not hot)
♥  6 tablespoon homemade vanilla sugar
♥  2 eggs + 1 egg yellow
♥  35g soft butter
♥ 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder
♥  pinch of salt
♥  150g rhubarbe
♥  50g flour
♥  35g butter, cold (from the fridge)
♥  2 tablespoons homemade vanilla sugar
♥ 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder

All ingredients (but milk) should be in the room temperature. Put them out of the fridge at least one hour before you start.

1. In a bowl mix the yeast with 1 tablespoon of sugar and warm (not hot) milk. Leave it under cover for 15min.

2. In a big bowl mix the flour, vanilla sugar, eggs, pinch of salt, soft (or melted) butter and activated yeast. Use a big spoon or your food processor to combine all ingredients.

3. Now using your hands (or if you are more lucky and have a robot- using a hook shaped ends) knead the dough.

If you do it by hand powder them with some flour to prevent the dough from sticking.


4. The dough will be a bit sticky and very elastic. Sprinkle it with a bit of flour and cover the bowl with with a towel (to prevent from drying). Leave in a warm place for around one hour. It should double its size.

MF5_9745 MF5_9766

5. Slice rhubarb into 1cm pieces and add them on the top of the cake. Use your fingers to push the fruits inside the cake. Leave the cake to grow for another 30-60min.

MF5_2887 MF5_2960

6. In order to prepare the crumble combine all ingredients. Cover the dough with aluminium foil and put to the freezer for 10-15min. Using a grater, sprinkle the crumble on the top of the cake.
Bake at 180′C for around 25-30min. To check if the cake is done inside insert a wooden toothpick in its center. If it comes out clean (no humide pieces of dough) it is ready!

MF5_2964 MF5_2967 MF5_2972 MF5_2994 MF5_3003 MF5_3012 MF5_3044

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One Response to Yeast Cake with Rhubarb & Cinnamon Crumbles

  1. Paula says:

    I really love yeast cakes!! At breakfast, I prefer than a normal cake, even if you waste more time to prepare. But, when you eat this, it’s like you have energy for more time that a sweet baking powder cake!!
    Your looks great, as I love rhubarb, must be perfect!!

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