Banana & Coconut Coffee Shake

This delicious frozen coffee is just perfect for a quick summer breakfast. It has a strong dose of caffeine, a nutritious banana & coconut milk. It is both, vegan & gluten free. :)

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For 1 big shake you will need:
♥ 100ml Coconut milk, cold
♥ double espresso, fresh (50-75ml)
♥ banana, slices & frozen
♥ ice cubes (2-3)
♥ coconut, grated (for decoration)

Banana & coconut milk are already quite sweet in my opinion. However, if you like it even sweeter, you can add some agave syrup.

1. You should think to prepare the ice cubes and to freeze the banana. I first slice the banana and then wrap them in the aluminium foil before putting into the freezer. Put the coconut milk to the fridge. The coffee should be fresh (still hot)- this way it is much more aromatic.
2. Put together the frozen banana, coconut milk, ice cubes, and your double espresso and blend it all together.
3. Serve sprinkled with grated coconut. Enjoy! ♥

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