Baked Bananas with Walnuts, Agave Syrup & Mint

Baked Bananas with Walnuts, Agave Syrup & Mint

I have sometimes those days when I’m just too lazy to do anything. Even to cook! But a girl has to eat…
The baked bananas are perfect for such a lazy mood. They require only 1 minute of actual work but the result is fantastic! 
Here I sprinkled them with a drop of agave syrup, walnuts, mint leaves & lavender.

Read here about the Health Benefits of Bananas.


For 2 people:
 2 Bananas
 2 teaspoons agave syrup
  mint leaves
  lavender (optional)

1. Put the whole banana (with skin) to the oven and bake at 180-200’C for about 15min. After this time the banana skin should be dark brown.


2. Carefully, put the banana out of the oven (it’s hot!). Open it and sprinkle with agave syrup, walnuts, mint leaves & lavender. It’s ready! Enjoy. 


3 thoughts on “Baked Bananas with Walnuts, Agave Syrup & Mint”

  • This is a favorite here at home whenever we barbecue. Supereasy. After you’re done devouring the meat, just put on a few bananas on the still warm coals and you’ve got yourself an effortless dessert.
    We usually pour a bit of Cointreau on it, light it on fire and eat it once the alcohol is burned out. Banane flambée 🙂

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