Züricher Geschnetzeltes (En. Veal with chanterelles, cream and white wine!)

I’m not sure if there is something more sexy than a cooking man! Here is a dish my boyfriend cooked for me as the Saint Valentine’s dinner (2013). ♥ Delicious!

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You will need
♥ 400g of veal meat
♥ 2 onions
♥ 200g chanterelles
♥ 4 spoons of oil
♥ 1,5 tablespoon flour
♥ 250ml cream (12-15% fat)
♥ 125ml white wine
♥ Juice from 1/4 of a Lemon (you don’t have use all of it, add it to taste)

1. Wash the meat and dry it. Slice it into thin stripes. It’s also the time to slice onions into little cubes.


2. Now it’s an important step! You need to saute the meat = fry it briefly over high heat  in the oil for 1 to 2 minutes (until there is no pink meat visible).

The safest is to do it portion by portion (if you put all meat at once it will cool down the frying pan and it will cook instead of sauteing and it will make the meat tough!)

DSC_0963 DSC_0970

2. Add some salt and pepper and take the meat out. Keep it warm (eg. cover with aluminium foil).

3. Then sweat the onions and mushrooms in the same oil.



4. Dredge them with flower.


5.  After a short time add the cream and white wine and reduce it into a sauce.



6. Turn the heat of the stove down and add again the previously prepared meat. But pay attention not to boil it again as it would degrade the meat (make it taught).


7. Season to taste with pepper, salt and lemon juice. You can serve it with cooked vegetables and Swiss Rösti (I like it also with white rice!)



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