How to do the Rice

How to do the Rice

Rice is a perfect to be served with many dishes. It is light and healthy.
Here is one of the ways to cook it I learned it from a Portuguese friend. It is especially to be recommended to people who like garlic!


You will need:
♥  1 volume of rice
♥  2 volumes of water
♥  1 cloves of garlic
♥  salt to taste
♥  1-2 spoons of olive oil

1. Fry shortly sliced garlic in olive oil (do not burn it).
2. Add rice and mix it with olive oil and garlic. Fry it a bit while stirring all the time (around 1min).
3. Add cold water and cover the pot. Cook until rice absorb all water (use medium hot stove). If after this time the rice is still a bit tough, add few spoons of water more.


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