Vegetable muffins

Vegetable muffins

I love to improvise in the kitchen! I probably have a good intuition but also loads of luck while cooking. The plan was to turn my carrots and zucchini into something special. Last time I used them to do vegetable rolls baked with bechamel sauce. This time I opted  for something even simpler and quicker to do: Veggie muffins! It came out perfect!


For 6 cupcakes (large one):
♥  300g carrot
♥  1 medium zucchini (200-250g)
♥  60g cheese, grated (eg. Gouda)
♥  200mL cream (eg 12% of fat)
♥  3 eggs
♥  zest from 1/2 lime
♥  1/2 teaspoon of salt
♥  1/2 teaspoon of freshly ground pepper
♥  celery leaves (from 1 or 2 branches)

1. Grate carrots and zucchini. I made carrot thinner and zucchini a little bit thicker because carrot need longer time to cook.


2. In a bowl whisk the eggs with cream. Add salt & pepper and mix it with the vegetables.


3. Add most of the cheese. Save 2 tablespoons for the topping.


4. Add lime zest and sliced celery leaves.



5.  Put the mixture into muffin forms and sprinkle with cheese on the top.


6. Bake at 180’C for 25-30min.


11 thoughts on “Vegetable muffins”

  • I also love to improvise, but I have to confess, I think I haven’t so good intuition. So sometimes, I’m lucky, and sometimes… disaster!

    I love this rolls, but I love even more the vetetables rolls with bechamel. I’ve to try both!!
    Love salty vegetable muffins, and these are diferents to the recipes I always do, yours haven’t flour, so they must be as mini fritatta, mini quiche, or something like that, that’s yummy yummy!!!

    • I sometimes have a day when everythings is more difficult than usually, but I guess it’s normal. I just do pasta then :p this cannot go wrong 😉
      And yes, these muffins were inspired by the french quiche 🙂
      Let me know how did they worked out for you! Cheers 🙂

  • I just prepared these veggie muffins… oh! so delicious, tender, and juicy. The Gouda cheese enhances the flavor of the vegetables. I had to use half & half instead of cream, so I had to leave in the oven like 20 xtra minutes. Thanx for such a wonderful recipe.

  • hello
    i have a question
    what i can use instead of cream ? bc i have 20 person guest . can you you give me amount of eggs for this number
    thank you very much

    • A 20 person reception is a quite a big one! However these veggie muffins might be a practical and simple solution.
      In order to know how many eggs to use you need to decide how many muffins would you like to serve per person.
      If you want one per person, I would prepare the dough from 18 medium sized eggs.
      So you need to multiply all ingredient quantities by 6.
      With what replace the cream? I’m thinking maybe milk with a little bit of cornstarch (1/2 teaspoon per 200ml milk) could do. Unfortunately I have never tried this version…

  • Do you have any thoughts on a non-dairy option? I have a friend who cannot tolerate cream or cheese and I’d like to make these for a dinner side dish for a dinner party. I know she uses coconut cream as a substitute. I thought maybe adding more eggs might work to hold things together. I can’t wait to make these. Just love the idea.

    • Dear Kathleen,
      Coconut milk is sweet so maybe it is not the best here (although you just inspired me to make a Sweet & Spicy Thai version of those).
      I would try to use Soy Cream (because it is thicker than milk). I wouldn’t use more egg as it will make the muffins tougher and drier. You might add a bit less carrots.
      To summarize, you could try:
      ♥ 150g carrot
      ♥ 1 medium/big zucchini
      ♥ 200ml soy cream (or 150ml soy milk)
      ♥ 3 eggs
      ♥ 1 tablespoon corn or potato starch (it is still gluten free)- it will make the muffins less liquid, optional
      lime zest, your favorite spices (thyme? celery?), salt & pepper as in recipe.
      Please let me know how did it worked out for you.
      Btw. if you look for a diary free & gluten free dessert here is my absolute favorite one:

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