Polish Potato Dumplings (pl. kluski slaskie)

Italians have Gnocchi and Polish have kluski slaskie. These delicious potato dumplings are one of my favorite culinary souvenirs from childhood! My grandma makes amazing mushroom sauce with them!

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For 3-4 portions you will need:
♥  750g potatoes
♥  potato starch
♥  1 egg
♥  salt
For 4 volumes of matched potatoes you need 1 volume of potato starch

1. You will need potatoes that are suitable for doing the mashed potatoes. It means one with fewer starch (or differently speaking with fewer carbohydrates). The best will be the potatoes with less than 20g of carbohydrates per 100g.
Cook and mash the potatoes.


2. Flatten them with a spoon and divide them into 4 parts.

MF2_8771 MF2_8772

3. Take one of 4 parts out and replace it with the equal volume of potato starch.

MF2_8773 MF2_8775

4. Add the egg and mix everything well.

MF2_8776 MF2_8777

5. Rall little balls between your hands.


6. Form a little hole inside.



7.  As soon as the first portion of dumplings is ready put them into almost boiling salted water.  The number of dumplings you can put in at once depends on the size of your casserole, as there should be only one layer of them.



8. As soon as they get on the surface they need additional 8 min of cooking, then put them out.



Enjoy! You can serve them with chicken in a mushroom sauce (recipe HERE).


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4 Responses to Polish Potato Dumplings (pl. kluski slaskie)

  1. Ginalyn says:

    I like your recipes!

  2. Kevin G Petroff says:

    I love this recipe. Being Polish I have eaten and cooked a lot of Polish food. My Grandmother taught me how to make most of the food. Thanks for sharing!!!

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