Polish Potato Dumplings (VIDEO)

Polish Potato Dumplings (VIDEO)

Italians have Gnocchi and in Poland we have kluski slaskie. These soft potato dumplings bring me be back to my childhood and my Grandma’s cooking. They go really well with a sauce which is strong in flavor such as the Creamy Asparagus Sauce or Mushroom Sauce.
Watch my VIDEO for detailed instructions ♥

For 3-4 portions you will need:
♥  1kg potatoes
♥  potato starch
♥  1 egg
For 4 volumes of matched potatoes you need 1 volume of potato starch

1. Choose potatoes that are suitable to be mashed (potatoes with high starch content). Peel them and cook in salted water. When soft, drain the water and let the potatoes to cool down. Next, mash them until smooth. 
2. Flatten them with a spoon and divide them into 4 parts. Take one of 4 parts out and replace it with an equal volume of potato starch. In other words: for 4 parts of potato puree we need 1 part potato starch.
3. Add 1 egg and mix everything together.
4. Form little balls and using your finger make a hole inside of each.
5.  Cook the dumpling in a gently boiling salted water. Don’t crowd the dumplings, there should be only 1 layer inside the pot.
6. After a minute or so, the dumplings will start coming up to the surface. Once they are on the top they need 8min to cook. 
Enjoy ♥ You can serve them with chicken in a mushroom sauce or Creamy Asparagus sauce

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