Gingerbread Cookies (Snowflakes)

This is my favorite classic recipe for gingerbread cookies.
These little Christmas treats should be prepared at least two weeks in advance. The day of baking they are very tough and they need some days of resting to get they crispness.
My secret ingredient is the homemade spice mix that makes them amazingly aromatic!

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Here are the proportions of ingredients:
♥  500g flour
♥  350g honey
♥  150g butter
♥  1 eggs
♥  2 tablespoons homemade vanilla sugar
♥  4 teaspoons homemade gingerbread spices
♥  2 teaspoons cocoa powder
♥  1 teaspoon baking powder

1. In a big bowl mix flour, egg, honey, spices, cocoa powder and baking powder.

MF3_7060 MF3_7057 MF3_7081

2. In a little saucepan melt butter. Add it to the cookie batter.

MF3_7055 MF3_7065

3. Mix well all ingredients and leave the dough for at least 20min in a cold place. After this time dough will get thicker and less sticky.

MF3_7085 MF3_7086

4. Portion by portion roll the dough out (it should be 3-5mm thick) and cut out your favorite shapes. If after cooling down the dough is still too sticky you might add a tiny little bit of flour.

MF3_7095 MF3_7138

5. Bake at 180′C for about 10min. Cookies should get a little bit darker. You can decorate your gingerbread cookies with icing.

MF3_7145 MF3_7301


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3 Responses to Gingerbread Cookies (Snowflakes)

  1. Dina says:

    they look yummy and festive!

  2. Amanda says:

    This recipe is terribly written. “teaspoons cocoa powder” – how many teaspoons??? Also, the ingredient list states 1 teaspoon baking soda, but the written instructions call for 1 teaspoon baking powder! Well which is it!!!

    • M. says:

      Hi Amanda! it’s 2 teaspoons cocoa powder! I used baking powder but it is basically the same thing than baking soda and you can use either.
      Thanks for corrections!
      Best, M.

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