Star-topped Winter Mincemeat (Fruits & Cider) Tartlets

These amazing tartlets are just perfect for Winter! It’s an amazing combination of the crispy, buttery pastry with the rich and full of flavor mincemeat made with fruits, nuts & brandy.

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For around 20 Tartlets you will need:
♥ 300g flour
♥  2 tablespoons homemade vanilla sugar
♥  2 egg yellows
♥  150g butter, cold
♥  orange zest from 1 orange
♥  1/2 teaspoon cinnamon powder
♥  Mincemeat (1/2 portion from this recipe)
♥  Icing sugar

1. Combine all ingredients for the dough. It will take some time but don’t give up, in the end you will get a nice dough. IMPORTANT:  prevent the dough from getting warm. All ingredients should be cold so the dough is crispy after backing.

MF3_6835 MF3_6847

2. Divide the dough into little pieces. Put 2/3 of them into plastic bag to prevent from drying. Roll them out and fit into your tartlet form. Cut off the edges that stick out.

MF3_6849 MF3_6850 MF3_6852

3. From another piece of dough cut out a star or a snowflake. Fill each tartlet with some Mincemeat and cover with the star shaped dough.

MF3_6855 MF3_6856 MF3_6863

4. Bake at 180′C for about 10-15min. The top should get golden. Before serving you might dust over some icing sugar. Enjoy! :)

MF3_6890 MF3_6911

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4 Responses to Star-topped Winter Mincemeat (Fruits & Cider) Tartlets

  1. Paula says:

    Every year I think about making mince pies, but never decide. My mother doesn’t eat dessert, my boyf doesn’t eat things that are not identified by his eyes, I fear I don’t like, and my father eats everything you serve, but I’m sorry if he has to eat something he doesn’t want, cos he says nothing!
    They’re so cute, I hope some Christmas I do!!
    I enjoy your Christmas posts, how much work!! And congratulations for the photos, specially beautiful these days!

    • M. says:

      Thank you Paula for warm words during this cold days! You should really try this cookies. Especially preparing everything from scratch always put me in a Christmas mood! The mix of cooking and baking ingredients will make your home smell amazing… I cannot imagine that somebody could resist it! :p

  2. Dina says:

    they look perfect!

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