Chia Pudding with Soya and Sesame Seeds

Have you ever heard about Chia seeds? They are an exceptional source of Omega 3 (even better than flax seeds!) and vitamin E. They are also concentrated in Vitamins B1 and B3.
Really healthy seeds!
Resently, few times a week I have for breakfast a delicious Chia Seeds Pudding.
It is amazingly easy to prepare because you just need to pour some soya milk over them and leave it overnight. It turns into a perfect pudding!

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For one portion you will need:
♥  3 tablespoons chia seeds (30g)
♥  150ml soya milk
♥  1 teaspoon honey (or Agave Syrup)
♥  1/2 tablespoon minced almonds
♥  1-2 teaspoons of sesame seeds

1. In a bowl mix chia seeds, minced almonds, honey and soya milk. Cover the bowl and leave it in the fridge overnight.

MF3_7874 MF3_7878 MF3_7892 MF3_7899 MF3_7906 MF3_7910

2. In a morning stir your pudding. Sprinkle with roasted sesame seeds.
(In order to roast the sesame seeds put them on a hot frying pan (without any oil!) and wait until they get slightly darker.)

MF3_7914 MF3_7916

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