Baked Apples with Banana and Walnuts Filling

It is a really simple recipe but the effect is truly amazing! A sweet apple smell will fill your home. Baked apples are warm and soft with a delicious sweet and sour banana & rhubarb filling (no sugar added!).

To prepare 7 little (or 5 big) apples:
♥  1 banana
♥  2 tablespoons of cooked rhubarb (I buy the frozen one; raspberries would be a perfect replacement)
  1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
♥  3 cloves
  3 allspice
♥  1 cardamom seed pod
 1/2 lemon
walnuts (5-10)

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1. Put the apples in a big pot, cover them with water with the juice from half a lemon (it will prevent apple skin to change the color). Cook for 15min.

MF4_5315 MF4_5329 MF4_5331

2. In a meantime, cook the rhubarb. I use a frozen one. I just put it to the microwave for about 5min. No water added.

3. When apples are softer, carefully remove them form the hot water and let them to cool down a bit. Using a sharp little knife, remove the apple core with seeds.


4. Crush all spices and mix them together. Using a fork make a banana puree. Add the rhubarb (or raspberries) and spices. Mix everything well.


MF4_5354 MF4_5356 MF4_5360

5. Fill the apples with the banana mix. Sprinkle with some walnuts. Make the hat from the previously cut out apple.

MF4_5372 MF4_5368 MF4_5361 MF4_5362

5. Bake it at 180′C for 20min.


Enjoy! (it is also delicious with some vanilla ice-cream on the side ;) )

MF4_5401 MF4_5410

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