Puff Pastry Pockets with Salmon, Green Peas & Corn

Puff Pastry Pockets with Salmon, Green Peas & Corn

We love to celebrate weekend mornings with delicious breakfasts. Usually we have them almost at the lunch time :p Last weekend I prepared these crispy puff pastry pockets filled with sweet corn, green peas, smoked salmon and dill. It takes surprisingly few work for an amazing result. I’m sure you can have them also as an entree, or an evening snack.

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For 6-8 pockets you will need:
♥  1 sheet of puff pastry (you can do it yourself or buy it at a supermarket)
♥ 100g smoked salmon
 1 little corn cob
3/4 cup green peas
♥ 1 tablespoon fresh dill
 2 eggs
 150g greek yogurt
pinch of salt

You will need muffin forms (ideally ones that aren’t too deep )

Preparation time: 10min + 25min of baking

1. Steam green peas for about 10min. If you don’t have a steamer you might cook them. They should get a bit softer.

2. Break the corn cob in half and using a knife peel corn grains.

3. In a bowl combine the greek yogurt with eggs and pinch of salt. You don’t need much salt as the salmon is already quite salty. Add green peas, corn, salmon and dill. Mix it.

4. Roll the puff pastry into thin layer and cut it into quadrats. They should be big enough to cover the bottom of your muffin form and still have the corners outside of it. Fill them with around one tablespoon of the salmon mix. Stick all the corners of the puff pastry together to close the “pocket” (see picture below).

5. Bake in a preheated to 220’C oven for about 25min (until the puff pastry gets golden-brown). They are delicious with the garlic yogurt dip (for recipe click HERE). Enjoy ♥


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