Breakfast Oatmeal

Healthy, delicious and easy to prepare! This perfect breakfast will give you strength for the the whole morning!
Dairy & Gluten Free. Vegan. VERY low in fat. No sugar added. :) :) :)
Here I present you a summer version, with fresh fruits, but during winter you can use some dried fruits and it is also delicious!

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1 big portion:
 3 spoons of oat meal (35g)
 250mL/1 glass of water
♥ 1 tablespoon of grated almonds
 1 small banana
To serve with:
 roasted pumpkin seeds

1. In a big pan put oatmeal, sliced banana and grated almonds. Cover with water and bring it to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 8-10min, while stirring every once a while (to prevent the oatmeal from sticking to the bottom of your pot).
2.  You can serve it both warm or cold, garnished with fruits and your favorite seeds.

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  1. Alison @ Food by Mars says:

    Beautiful and simple… Nothing better!

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