Cookie Christmas Trees

For me Christmas time is special. Since the beginning of December my home is filled with smells of Apple&Cinnamon and Pear Pies, gingerbread cookies and Chocolate&Orange Muffins. The long winter evenings are even cosier with a cup of Creamy winter Latte, a glass of Mulled wine or Hot cider.
Christmas is also about decorations! Warm sparkling lights, candles and a green christmas tree are what makes this time so magical.
Today I would like to share with you an idea of how to make your own little Cookie Christmas Trees. I made covered them with some golden powder and my trees look especially beautiful in the candle light. As these are made with gingerbread cookies they not only look cute but also smell like Christmas!

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All you need is:
♥  3 different size of gingerbread cookies in a form of star or a snowflake (here my favorite recipe)
♥  White Marshmallow icing (here is my recipe)
♥  Golden colorant in powder (optional)
 little piece of aluminium foil to do a star for the top of your tree

1. When your cookies are cooked down you can cover them with some golden powder. (Without it your Christmas Trees will also look cute).

MF3_7147 MF3_7148 MF3_7156

2. Starting with the biggest pile your cookies. Connect all of them with icing. You might make a little star out of aluminum foil and stick it on the top of your tree.
If you didn’t use the golden powder you might sprinkle your tree with some icing powder- it will look like snow! :)

MF3_7161 MF3_7166 MF3_7167 MF3_7169 MF3_7172 MF3_7253

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2 Responses to Cookie Christmas Trees

  1. Paula says:

    Ou, these are really cute!! Nice idea, for next year I dare. But it’s always the same, during Christmas I find what I’ll do next season :P

    I have to buy golden powder, I always love how it makes shine everything :)
    And I think that, even a clumsy like me, can do this! :)

    • M. says:

      For me it’s the same! I always buy lots of Christmas dishes and decorations on sales when Christmas is over and I use them as an inspiration for the next year :-)

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